The Amhara Elites Are Responsible for Suffering of Amara, and the Demise of Their Heritage!


ZeHabesha Newest Ethiopian Information Supplier
By Belayneh Abate Hand in hand with massacring, incarcerating and displacing Amaras, EPRDF has  continued to destroy Amara heritages from the main cities of the nation. Some of these Ethnic cleaning of Amaras have continued as a result of the Amara elites are standing behind the  EPRDF chief and  stopping Amaras from organizing and defending themselves. The gullible Amara elites have failed to grasp one easy pure legislation that governs this horrible world: Energy is the muse of survival and honor. In different phrases, no energy, no  honor! Even corona virus doesn’t honor folks with no energy. As a substitute of empowering the Amara
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