From a Struggle for Democracy to an Ethno-Fascist Mob: How a Genuine Oromo Youth (Queerroo)  Movement is Hijacked, Radicalised and Derailed From its Course


Contact info: Girma Berhanu Division of Training and Particular Training (Professor) College of Gothenburg Field 300, SE 405 30 Göteborg, Sweden E-mail: Girma.Berhanu@ped.gu.se PDF Model  Introduction The mob of younger males, carrying machetes, marched into the neighborhood with an inventory of names and ethnicities of its residents. “This land is Oromo land,” they chanted. A whole lot have been killed throughout a latest assault on principally non Oromos within the Oromo area. 1000’s have been injured and many of the victims are members of the Amhara, Gurage and so on. ethnic teams. The reviews[1] which simply arrived, element horrible killings[2], looting and different violence concentrating on non


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