Comment on Violence in Ethiopia, Instability, and the Need for Law and Order by Mekonen

Graham Peebles,
Thanks to your considerate article. We’ve got in Ethiopia greater than only a failed authorities – what now we have is a authorities that overtly and covertly facilitated and facilitating the dislocation, destruction and mass killing of minorities particularly the Amharas and orthodox Christians in numerous areas.
In that, it isn’t solely not decisively appearing to cease the felony teams who’re focusing on ethnic teams such because the Amara and orthodox Christians – Abiy Ahmed wouldn’t even state clearly in pubic the fitting of all Ethiopians to reside in peace and safety in any a part of the nation.
He talks about in regards to the Amhara being visitors in Oromo area. Nicely, that’s nothing lower than giving categorical permission for anybody in that area who desires to drive out these folks he referred to as ‘visitors’ in their very own nation.
With all that and extra, one can’t escape from forming the conclusion that the terrors being inflicted on chosen teams in Ethiopia are very a lot authorities sponsored.
In that, Abiy Ahmed and his authorities are offering overt and covert assist and materials and different help for the killers together with the OLF and these terrorist killers then in flip present cowl for Abiy Ahmed and his authorities of ethnic agitators and different mercenaries.

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