Comment on It is in U.S. Geopolitical Interest to Support Ethiopia by rezen

Topic: “It’s in U.S. Geopolitical Curiosity to Help Ethiopia, MAY 11, 2021, Aklog Birara (Dr)
Humble Remark,
It’s a sober evaluation, addressed to the US of America to alter its coronary heart with respect to its relationship with Tigrai. That’s the norm and — in my view — stunning and unhappy. In any case, it’s a ticklish drawback to the Mighty USA and LORD of the UNIVERSE. Luck has it that the current President of the US of America is a sober respectable chief. We would as nicely be very frank — why do must skirt round and round …..
It’s unlucky that the future of Ethiopia as an entire — as we all know it — is dependant on a international nation, as a substitute of resting upon indigenous chosen folks with wealthy expertise and knowledge to deal with their inner affairs a lot,, a lot, a lot, significantly better than any consultant of the US of America. Neglect Europe and Jap Asia and many others : they’re all devoted colonialist with One and ONLY one intention for their very own profit >>>> NEVER NEVER for the advantage of the Black, Backward, Africans.
Allow us to be sincere: Ethiopia and Africa in totality won’t ever be impartial and self sustaining with confidence to steer their very own LIFE the way in which they want to have below quazi colonialism lined by synthetic relationship. The PERFECT instance is the so referred to as ‘drawback’ between Ethiopia and Tigrai!?!?!? How about “tomorrow”? Will it’s between Ethiopia and Oromo ?How in regards to the subsequent time round? Will it’s Ethiopia in opposition to Gurage, Wolaita and many others and many others, piece by piece, culminating to NOTHINGNESS. THE END

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