Proxy Wars by Egypt and Sudan are Threats for Ethiopia

Aklog Birara (Dr) Half II I contend that relentless Egyptian, Sudanese, and Western criticisms of the Ethiopian Prime Minister on GERD negotiations, the TPLF initiated treasonous warfare, the Sudanese unprovoked invasion, the 2021 Nationwide Election and so on. is unfair, unjust, and self-serving. It’s meant to camouflage dominance over the Horn of Africa, the Purple Sea hall, and the Nile River. Secondly, they’re deliberate to masks the true culprits behind proxy wars, lies, cyber-attacks, unlawful arms trafficking, the flooding of the Ethiopian financial system with pretend monies, the wide-spread and unlawful use of the Black market to transform arduous currencies into Birr
The put up Proxy Wars by Egypt and Sudan are Threats for Ethiopia appeared first on ZeHabesha Ethiopian Information | Newest Information for All | 24/7.

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